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You can Help!The heavy demands of the cage-bird trade, together with loss of habitat, have resulted in many species of parrots becoming endangered.  Thousands of parrots are brought into Europe and North America annually, both legally and illegally, and many do not survive the journey.  In most countries the capture, export, and import of parrots are strictly regulated, but the laws are difficult to enforce.  Ideally, only those parrots that have been bred in captivity should be kept as pets.  Please ask where your bird comes from before you purchase.

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The sulfur-crested cockatoo, not the best at talking but mimics sounds and some short words or phrases.


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The ability of many parrots, parakeets, mynah birds and even the crow to mimic the human voice and other sounds is one reason for their popularity as pets.  Training is easiest with the Africangray parrot, a 30-cm (12-in) gray bird with a short red tail.  Somesay it's just mimicry but experiments have shown these birds havecognitive abilities equal to those of porpoises and primates.

African Gray easiest to teach!The yellow-headed parrot, related to the cockatoos, keas, lories,macaws, and parakeets, is native to the rain forests of the Amazon Basin.   Among American parrots the best of the talking birds is the Amazon.


Yellow-headed Parrot, Amazons are great talkers!There is probably no other tropical bird so "tropical" as a macaw.A macaw, aside from being colorful, can also be a loyal, loving,lifelong companion.  Most of the macaw species tend to be five things, big and loud, and loud and big, and demanding. Even the "mini-macaws"can be loud and demanding. They are smart birds, and need attention andtoys to keep them busy.  Acquiring a baby macaw is the best bet, althougha number of breeders suggested getting a weaned baby, especially ifyou've never hand-fed before.  Macaws are avid talkers!

Blue and Gold MacawThe common myna is about the size of an American robin. Its colors range from rich wine-brown on the lower breast to deep black on the head, neck, and upper breast. It has a splash of whiteon the lower edge of its wings, and its bill and legs are a bright yellow. This myna feeds on plants, insects, and worms. It often builds its nest increvices of buildings. It is a noisy bird that is common about yards andbuildings. It is often seen among chickens or perched on the backs ofcattle. People have released the common myna into the wild in manytropical Pacific islands, including Hawaii, where the bird is now abundant.

The Myna, an excellent talker and can whistle and sing as well! Although the original breeding of the Cockatiel was done in Europe,at present there are a larger number of Cockatiel fanciers here in theUnited States. The first mutations were developed in our country, sowe can really take credit for the superior Cockatiel of today.  SomeOrthinologists believe that the Cockatiel is really a Cockatoo whichin the process of evolution remained behind in size and came to lookmore like a parakeet than a "true parrot." It also shows somecharacteristics of the Rosella species, although in its living habitsit more strongly resembles the Cockatoo. In Australia, where thesebirds are very numerous, they are found in almost the entirecontinent excepting those areas very near the coast.

Cockatiel Male and Female, fairly good talkers and whistlers.The sulfur-crested cockatoo is related to parakeets, parrots, lorikeets, andmacaws.  It is distinguished from other members of the family by its brilliantwhite plumage and yellow head crest.

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