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Updated 01/01/12


Thank you for visiting!

Unfortunately the production guys has went out-of-business. I appreciate your patronage and it was a great 10 years. For previous clients, feel free to contact us for files and other data that was kept but I have retired and no longer provide services.

You are welcome to nose around and some of the old audio pieces mostly from around 2000 - 2005 will still play and download and some are very cool!

It was a great run … We've made audio recordings for broadcasters, businesses and consumers all over the world! Initially I started off as a talent agency for freelance voice-over artists. After some time and as Clear Channel gobbled up station after station, I added other services branched further into true multi-media and offered Website Design services, hosting solutions, graphics and photography. I knew in today’s world businesses must diversify and that’s what I tried to do.